August 2, 2011

BluePrintCleanse Day Two

I’ve got to be totally honest here. For most of today I’ve been asking myself, “I’m doing this to myself WHY? Actually, the first half of the day wasn’t bad as I was in the recording studio working on the master of my new CD. (It’s ALMOST done!) I’m so excited about wrapping up the album, but after we left the studio, instead of going out to celebrate my progress, I got to suck down juice number 3! Not as satisfying, say, as a little glass of celebratory wine! But I digress…

I had a hell of a time waking up this morning. I kept hitting the alarm clock. And I didn’t even go to bed late. I think my body was telling me that I’d be better off sleeping then getting up and putting myself through another day of juice!

I got to the studio at 10:30 this morning. Since we were listening to track after track and not moving around much, I found myself sitting on the couch drinking juice, water, and green tea non-stop. As you can imagine, I needed to use the restroom over and over. If I had a nickel for every time I needed to pee so far today, I’d be rich right now!

Since I got back home, all I can think about is CHEWING SOMETHING! I hear tell that day 3 is easier. I damn well hope so! Meanwhile, I’m about to crack open juice number 5. Another green one. Another liquid salad. Oy! Actually, these juices would be quite nice with a little vodka and seltzer. (Don’t tell anyone!) But I WON’T give up! Just one more day to go!

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