August 12, 2011

Shopping Wars

Yesterday was a mighty big day for many NYC fashionistas. It was the day my girlfriends and I have been waiting for. Yes, that’s right. The big LF STORE 60% off sale! OK, I assume most of you haven’t heard of LF, but those of us who’ve shopped there will tell you that they’ve got some pretty incredibly fabulous clothes there. Unfortunately, it’s WAY too expensive for my pocketbook to shop there normally. But twice a year, they sell EVERYTHING in the store for 60% off.

 And to make it even more enticing, if you’re a regular customer, they send out a “preferred email invite” so that you get an additional 10% off the day before the sale officially starts for the general public.

For those of you who don’t know LF, let me describe this store. It’s very small and very narrow, with TONS of very trendy, overpriced clothes that are geared to, shall we say, a youthful market. (Can you say teenagers and twenty-somethings with their parents’ credit cards?)

But I love this store, nonetheless. I’ve gotten some of my favorite performing duds there. But ONLY during their twice a year sale. Me and around 100 other girls! The place was a fucking zoo! Seriously! It was like being in a TV sitcom where people were grabbing clothes off of the mannequins and reaching for any article of clothing that could be held in your hands so that you could find a spot to try it on. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you had to get your name on a list JUST to try on clothes in the fitting room! NO SHIT! There was a ONE HOUR WAIT to try on!

So my girlfriend and I took our little mountain of shirts and dresses and shoes and pants, and fought our way over to one of the only full-length mirrors in the store. There were at least six or seven girls trying on clothes and fighting for a glance of themselves in the mirror. We cleared a little spot and started trying on. I should also mention that I had intentionally worn a little black camisole with a pair of khaki shorts. I’ve been to this sale before and, being a veteran of this shopping war, I knew that I would’t have the patience to sign up for a dressing room so I wore clothes that would work under other clothes.

I had found a great pair of black skinny jeans in my size. Since there was no way to try these on over my shorts, and faced with a sudden case of modesty since we were out in the crowded public area and not in a dressing room, I found an oversized blouse, put it on and slipped off my shorts. I put the shorts in a pile at my feet along with my black flip-flops and the other clothes that I was going to try on. Well, the jeans fit great. My girlfriend gave them the thumbs up. So I took them off, and reached down for my shorts and THEY WERE GONE!!! I couldn’t believe it. Had someone picked up my shorts to buy them in the sale? They’re very nice shorts, but THEY WERE MINE! And then I realized that MY SHOES WERE GONE TOO! I bent over and looked through the huge pile of clothes all around me and on the table that was behind me. I looked under the table. NO GO! I couldn’t find my shorts. Eventually I found one shoe. And so there I was, in an oversized blouse that I couldn’t take off, my underwear, and one black flip-flop. The music on the stereo was blasting. The people working there were overwhelmed. The shoppers were shopping and nobody really gave a shit about my missing shorts.

This went on for around 10 minutes. My girlfriend eventually found my other shoe somewhere else on the floor. And I finally found the shorts on a shelf quite a ways from where we were trying on clothes.

THEN we had to get in line to buy our clothes. We waited around 45 minutes to check out. You might ask me , “Deni, was this really worth it?” I’d have to say to you, HELL YES! I’ll be back there again when LF has their winter sale. Sometimes a girl has to suffer for fashion.

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