50 things

50 Fabulous Facts About Moi

1. I was talked into writing this blog!
2. I’ll do most anything on a dare!
3. I love to use exclamation marks!!!!
4. I live in Manhattan..that’s New York City for you suburbanites
5. I used to live in Suburbia… but now I’ve finally found a place to live where I’m not a freak
6. I’m fairly normal compared to most people I know here in the city
7. I am a musician
8. I play a fabulous blue violin
9. I’ve been playing music since I could walk
10. I just finished touring with Cyndi Lauper…(OK, maybe I’m a little bit of a name dropper, but hell, it wasn’t a bad way to pay the rent!)
11. I’m in the studio as we speak working on my second CD
12. My music has been called, “Sheryl Crow meets the B-52’s”
13. I may grow older, but I REFUSE to grow up!
14. I absolutely REFUSE to give up!
15. I’m newly married to lovely Brit
16. He has 2 little girls, so this makes me a STEPMOM…oooooh
17. I love kids, but hate “breeders” and people that can only talk about their their offspring
18. MY “babies” are 2 little girl cats named FIFI & DJANGA
19. I maintain a TANK OF DEATH, and have managed to kill just about every fish I’ve ever bought
20. My peeps are from the Motherland…of New Jersey
21. I grew up in Northern, Va. … SUBURBIA
22. I’m absolutely PISSED OFF about Bush getting reelected
23. My sister is a Republican.
24. I find that very strange. She must have been conceived by the mailman.
25. My Mom and dad are stereotypical Jewish parents who migrated to… where else…FLORIDA!
26. They eat dinner at 4:30
27. Dad once told me that I drive like a horses ass. I wonder what a horses ass drives like?!?
28. My folks have a REALLY ugly dog named Peppy. Peppy hates my husband for some unknown reason. Maybe because he’s a Brit?
29. I’ve been married 3 times.
30. I don’t date. I marry.
31. I used to be married to my manager. He’s still my manager.
32. He’s also a Brit
33. I’ve been accused of being a serial Anglophile. I swear I’m not.
34. The buck stops here. Three’s the charm. I’m in love. Truly, madly, deeply!
35. I’ve been asked to guest onstage with R.E.M., Sarah Mclachlan, Indigo Girls, and a bunch of other people
36. I’ve been playing out in with my band for a while, and will keep it up as long as people keep coming out to see me!
37. I love gadgets, computers, my Ipod, my Palm Pilot
38. In 2004, I got to travel all over the States, the Bahamas, Japan, Australia & England.
39. I stay up most nights reading novels.
40. I love fiction and really don’t get into any book that doesn’t have a good story
41. Fantasy…any kind, yours or mine ROCKS!
42. I would have Neil Finn’s baby.
43. I would also have one with The EDGE
44. My husband knew this about me when we met. That’s why I fell for him!
45. I’ve always lied about my age. When I was in highschool, I was the one that looked older, so that I’d have to be the one to buy the Beer. Now, I’m REALLY happy if I get carded. I recently leaned over the counter and actually KISSED the guy that asked to see my ID!
46. I HATE TO WORK OUT! (But I work out several times a week.)
47. I take a class called “REBOUNDING” where you jump on a tiny trampoline for and hour, The class is taught by a lovely gay man who has the energy and attitude of Richard Simmons
48. I studied piano at Julliard when I was little
49. I got a college degree in APPLIED VIOLIN. So…this means that I have a appllied license to play!
50. I go both ways. I love my Mac, but I still use my PC. I guess this makes me Bi-computer literate?